How to inject this steroid safely Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate?

Trenbolone hex is a long ester and is oil-based, so you need to inject deeply into the muscle. It is best to check if the needle has fallen into the blood vessel before the injection. Otherwise, the oil will enter the vessel and an oil embolism will occur. Tren and other forms of oil-based steroids can be mixed in one syringe. This refers to Testosterone in oil (not to be confused with suspensions). Be careful and make sure you take all the necessary steps to inject the right way. Don’t just assume you know what you are doing if you’ve never done this before. We cannot stress enough how important it is to ask someone with experience to do your first few injections for you or withyou and then make an attempt to do it yourself.

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Before the injection, the site where you will be injecting should be treated with an alcohol wipe. If you inject quickly, a lump may form, so you should not hurry the injection. After the injection, the site should not be rubbed, as like after an injection of Testosterone.

The drug will disperse itself. Injections should be done either in the glutes, shoulder or thigh. When injecting multiple steroids in one syringe it is better to use a bigger muscle. The bigger the muscle the more it will be able to absorb.

Trenbolone should be injected strictly on schedule with the user’s cycle. Long esters have a half-life of 10 days, so injections should be made once a week. This is the standard scheme that many bodybuilders use. When choosing dosages, one should take into account that other drugs can also be used on the cycle, including short esters of Trenbolone.

If there are other injections of the same steroid, the dosage of long esters should be reduced. A standard cycle lasts from 6 to 8 weeks. Continuing it for more than 8 weeks means increasing the risk of side effects. After about 6 weeks of the cycle, it is recommended to achieve maximum results (reach the goal of the cycle) and smoothly move to the bridge.

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